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TOP 10 LIST OF,PET POISONS: 1. Chocolate 2. Rat/Gopher Poison 3. Human OTC medications - Tylenol, Advil, Motrin 4. Human Prescription Medications 5. Household items/ children's toys 6. Human Foods ...
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FEBRUARY IS PET DENTAL HEALTH MONTH 15% OFF BASIC DENTAL PRICE (5% for those receiving Senior discounts or Certified Service Dog discounts) PLUS FREE BAG OF HILL'S T/D PRESCRIPTION DENTAL DIET. ...
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Is your cat or dog overweight

Did you know 45% of all U.S. pets are overweight or obese? While the best treatment is prevention, it is never too late to help your pet get & stay in better shape. If you can't feel your ...
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April is Volunteer Month

f there’s one thing our pets provide more than anything else, it’s unconditional love. And with National Volunteer Week kicking off on April 12, now’s the perfect time to extend that ...
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Allergy Season is Here

Right now San Jose is having record high pollen counts and our dogs and cats are having lots of skin, ear, eye, & respiratory problems as a result. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do at ...
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Help with Veterinary Fees

Veterinary care for dogs & cats has improved dramatically over the past years. New & less invasive diagnostic tests & procedures help us identify & treat diseases more quickly & ...
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Holiday Season and your pets

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. I just wanted to remind you that there are some added dangers for your pets this year. Poisonous plants - poinsettias, mistletoe, decorative berries, ...
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Flea Alert

We are seeing lots more fleas recently than we have seen all year. The fleas love this rain & humidity and it is not cold enough to make them go dormant. We are also noticing that fleas are ...
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On-line Pharmacies: BUYER BEWARE!!!

Did you know that prescription drugs are the second most common counterfeited items & are sold by on-line pharmacies? Many drug companies will not stand behind medications purchased at on-line ...
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Ear infections in dogs

One of the most frustrating problems for owners is when their dogs get ear infections - and to make matters worse, they tend to be recurrent. Although dogs can get infections from Foxtails in their ...
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We will be offering discounts on dentals from Jan 2 - March 31 2015. Check out "News & Specials" for details.

Caring for older dogs & cats

Older dogs & cats are prone to a variety of debilitating diseases & conditions. These include kidney failure, heart disease, dental disease, arthritis, cancer & senility. The good news is ...
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Halloween & your pets

I love Halloween but it can be a dangerous time for our pets. All that candy lying around is a big temptation for dogs. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs & can be deadly. Even other kinds of candy ...
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You & your cat - Who's in Charge Part 2

4. There’s a Cupboard Full of Cat Stuff Do you let your cat do this? You're owned. Every cat-owned human has one: a cupboard, cabinet or drawer full of cat items. What do cats need, exactly? ...
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You and your cat : Who's in Charge? Part 1

Are you a cat owner? Are you sure about that? Who caters to her resident feline's every need? Who dotes upon her demanding little dictator? Who can be put in her place with just one look of ...
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All of a sudden, we are seeing a lot of dogs & cats coming in with skin problems. Some of this is due to allergies but we are also seeing LOTS of FLEAS. If you are using a topical product ...
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Since 1998, we have been an accredited AAHA hospital. We just passed our latest accreditation, which has even more & stricter standards - there are over 900 standards altogether. We go thru an ...
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Make Training Time Play Time For Your Dog

Training your dog for even just 5 - 10 minutes once or twice a day will make for a happier, well-behaved dog and strengthen the bond between the two of you. But let's making training a fun game ...
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Cats & carriers

All cats should be transported in carriers - there is no way you can hold onto a cat if it gets scared. We all know that cats often hate their carriers & it can be a real struggle to get them into ...
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Just for fun! A cute animated website starring cats

This is a really cute website. You will recognize your cat in these animations. A great way to take a break & laugh
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Behavior Problems - How Medical Problems Can Contribute

Aggression and anxiety are caused by stress. Pain/ discomfort are major stressors. If your pet is suddenly or progressively showing signs of aggression & anxiety, you should bring it in for an ...
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How to teach your dog to stop barking when on a walk

This is a common problem many of us have when walking our dogs on a leash. First, you need to identify your dog's "triggers" - other animals, children, skateboarders, bikes etc - and be ...
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It's the season for hotspots

A hotspot is a red, moist, oozing sore on your dogs's skin. It is often surrounded by matted fur and some fur may be missing. These occur when a dog is persistently licking, biting, chewing, or a ...
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ALERT!!! Cat distemper outbreak

Local shelters, humane societies, and cat rescue groups are reporting a serious cat distemper outbreak. Many of the shelters & groups will not accept cats at this time. This is a deadly disease ...
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How to tell if your dog or cat is in pain

I often get asked the question "is my dog (or cat) in pain?". It is very important to understand that while animals feel pain exactly like we do, they do not show it the same way we do. If ...
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