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Blog Posts in May, 2014

Common cat poisons

Fortunately, most cats are more finicky than dogs about what they eat, so we don't see poisoning in cats that often. However, even the finickiest cat can get into things, so you need to be aware ...
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Common dog poisons

We all know dogs will eat EVERYTHING. Here are some of the most common poisons that dogs will eat. Chocolate Xylitol & other sugar substitutes Human pain medications (- this includes Tylenol, ...
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These are what fresh foxtails look like. It is now foxtail season! These plants can cause painful & serious problems for your cat or dog. They are sticky & will attach to the hair & skin. ...
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What does AAHA mean?

AAHA We are an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital. AAHA is a private non-profit organization that has much higher standards than what is required by the state. They check the facility to make sure it ...
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Why has your cat suddenly stopped using the litter box

Why is your cat suddenly not using the litter box? This is a frequent complaint that I hear from my clients. Often, cats decide that they don't want to urinate in the same box that they have bowel ...
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