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Common cat poisons

Fortunately, most cats are more finicky than dogs about what they eat, so we don’t see poisoning in cats that often. However, even the finickiest cat can get into things, so you need to be aware of these poisons.

Easter, Tiger, & Asiatic Lilies – these are very toxic and cause kidney failure.

Human & dog medicines. This includes flea & tick products, pain medicines, and human medications

Glow sticks – cats are attracted to these & will chew on them. This causes mouth pain.

If your cat has gotten into these or other toxins, call us at 408-264-3550 , call an animal emergency clinic, or the Pet Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6680 ($35 per call). Don’t wait until your cat is showing signs to call. There is a better prognosis & it is often less expensive to treat when treatment starts immediately.

Be sure to bring in the product label, so we know exactly what we are dealing with.

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