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These are what fresh foxtails look like.

It is now foxtail season! These plants can cause painful & serious problems for your cat or dog. They are sticky & will attach to the hair & skin. They act like little arrowheads burying into the skin. They can easily get into ears, where they can rupture the ear drum and get in the eye where they damage the cornea and can cause blindness if not removed & treated properly. Dogs can sniff them up where they get stuck in the nose, which causes violent sneezing and can eventually get into the lungs, which can require surgery. Often they get stuck between toes, where they burrow into the skin & can migrate up the leg.

Prevention & early detection is best. Remove fox tails from your yard & keep a close eye out for them when you walk your dog. Check between the toes of your dogs once or twice a day so you can remove them before they burrow in. Clipping the hair between the toes & pads and around the ears can be helpful. IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOUR DOG OR CAT HAS A FOXTAIL THEY SHOULD BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY -DO NOT WAIT EVEN 24 HOURS TO HAVE THEM EXAMINED. Foxtails are much easier to remove (& less expensive) when treated promptly. Otherwise your pet will be in a lot of pain & serious complications can develop.

We are here 7 days a week (at no extra charge) so we can help you and you don’t have to wait to get treatment for your pet.

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