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Make Training Time Play Time For Your Dog

Training your dog for even just 5 – 10 minutes once or twice a day will make for a happier, well-behaved dog and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

But let’s making training a fun game for both of you!

Use games, toys & treats to teach your dog to come, sit, stay, and, in general, focus on you. Think of commands as tricks – a happier connotation & not so stern. Give your commands in a happy high-pitched voice. (This may seem silly, but this is how military dog handlers train their working dogs.) Use treats, toys, & praise as rewards.

Start with one trick (command) & use a treat to reward. Once your dog is comfortable with that, start adding more tricks to make a series of tricks and reward after the last trick. You will see your dog really focussing on you & trying to anticipate what it needs to do to earn the reward. Rewards can also be playing with a favorite toy. Examples of tricks are: come, sit, stay, fetch or search, shake, chase tail, go thru your legs, go around a certain piece of furniture, etc. Have your dog finish the series of tricks by sitting next to you -indicate which side by tapping your thigh & do vary sides.

NOW GO AND HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DOG – It is good bor both of you!

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