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  • You & your cat – Who’s in Charge Part 2

    4. There’s a Cupboard Full of Cat Stuff

    Do you let your cat do this? You’re owned.
    Every cat-owned human has one: a cupboard, cabinet or drawer full of cat items. What do cats need, exactly? Well, because felines can be finicky about pretty much everything, you never know what treat, toy or grooming tool your cat might be into on any given day. So you must stock myriad things to suit his mood.

    5. Your Phone Is Full of Cat Photos
    Quick, pull out your phone and count how many cat pictures you have versus how many pictures you have of human family members. How far do you have to scroll through photos filled with fur to get to your smiling kids or spouse? Enough said.

    6. You Maintain Multiple Water Sources
    Why should your cat have to walk all the way downstairs to get a drink of water? If a cat owns you, this is a reasonable question. Do you have water dishes, fountains or cups of water in multiple rooms in the house? If your cat sticks his nose in your water glass, do you shoo him away or do you let him drink to his heart’s content and then go get yourself another glass? If you answered the latter, your cat probably owns you.

    Sure, you might try to tell yourself you’re in charge but, really, when it comes right down to it, are you? Despite your best efforts to the contrary, it’s probably a good idea for you to resign yourself to being a kept human. It’s a battle you’ll never win.

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  • You and your cat : Who’s in Charge? Part 1

    Are you a cat owner? Are you sure about that? Who caters to her resident feline’s every need? Who dotes upon her demanding little dictator? Who can be put in her place with just one look of disdain from the kitty in the corner?

    If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, the “owner” status in your home may have shifted without your even realizing it.

    1. The Cat Eats What the Cat Wants to Eat
    Be honest: How many different types of cat food have you presented to your feline friend, only to have him turn up his tiny little nose at it? Humans who are owned by cats know that once you have figured out the magical formula of food, you stick with it. That may be one flavor on odd days of the week and another flavor on even, heated for eight seconds in the microwave and served on special china, but, hey, he’s eating with gusto, right?

    2. You Don’t Move the Cat — Ever
    You can be certain you’re an owned human if you regularly work around your cat, wherever that happens to be. This includes waiting until later to fold laundry if he’s snoozing in the basket, stepping over him while preparing lunch if he’s lying on the kitchen floor, forgoing the vacuum cleaner if he’s anywhere nearby or selecting another chair if your regular seat is already occupied.

    3. You Just Keep Buying Cat Toys
    How many little mice, balls, and crunchy, bouncy or squeaky cat toys have you purchased over the years? Your cat plays with them for only a minute before he grows bored, yet you still keep bringing home toys for that one fleeting moment of joy. You know this, but you don’t care. It’s worth it to keep your cat content.


    All of a sudden, we are seeing a lot of dogs & cats coming in with skin problems. Some of this is due to allergies but we are also seeing LOTS of FLEAS. If you are using a topical product (Frontline, Advantage, or Activyl) make sure that you continue to apply it EVERY month. Also, Advantage & Frontline have been around for awhile and some people are noticing that fleas may be becoming resistant to it. If that seems to apply to you, then you should switch to Activyl, which is a newer product, or Nexgard, which is a new chewable product that quickly kills fleas & ticks. If you are using Sentinel or Program – these products do not kill fleas but just prevent them from reproducing – then you may need to add in a topical or oral medication for a few months to get the fleas under control. As the weather gets more humid or if it rains, the fleas will really multiply, so now is the time to get them under control.

    If you are having problems or have any questions, please call us at 408-264-3550 , so we can help you chose the most effective products for your pets.


    Since 1998, we have been an accredited AAHA hospital. We just passed our latest accreditation, which has even more & stricter standards – there are over 900 standards altogether. We go thru an inspection every 3 years ( in contrast to the fact that we have had only 1 state inspection since 1988!)

    These are some of the areas that are evaluated: anesthesia, dentistry, pain management, surgery, critical care, patient care, diagnostic imaging, veterinarian continuing education, and quality of our facility.

    We work hard to provide the best & most up to date veterinary care possible and we are proud of our AAHA accreditation.