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Ear infections in dogs

One of the most frustrating problems for owners is when their dogs get ear infections – and to make matters worse, they tend to be recurrent. Although dogs can get infections from Foxtails in their ears or swimming, the most common reason is due to allergies – pollens, dust, and even food. Even though it would seem that the dog should have skin involvement and both ears would be affected, that is often not the case. Allergies can cause infection in just one ear, and it is often always in the same ear.

The signs you may notice are: scratching of the ear, discharge, or just a funny smell. It is important to bring your dog in as soon as you notice this since ear infections are much easier for you to treat if they are diagnosed early. We will throughly examine the ears to make sure there are no Foxtails in there and also to make sure the eardrum is not ruptured. A ruptured ear drum is very painful and a much more serious condition.

When you come in, we will do an ear slide to look for yeast and bacteria. This is the only way that we can determine the appropriate medication for your dog. These medications include special ear cleaners, topical medications to put in the ears, and possibly pills or tablets. Recheck appointments will usually be scheduled several weeks later & repeat ear slides will be done to make sure the infection is entirely cleared up. The ear may visually look clean, but if yeast & bacteria are still present, the ear infection will return very quickly.

Please call us at 408-264-3550 if you think your dog has an ear infection or if you are,having trouble treating your dog.

We know how frustrating ear infections are to treat so we are here 7 days a week to help you out.

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