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Flea Alert

We are seeing lots more fleas recently than we have seen all year. The fleas love this rain & humidity and it is not cold enough to make them go dormant. We are also noticing that fleas are becoming resistant to the older topical flea products like Advantage & Frontline. We are now recommending some new flea products: Activyl (topical flea control for dogs & cats), Nexgard (oral flea & tick control for dogs), Comfortis ( oral flea control for dogs & cats), and Trifexis ( oral flea control & Heartworm prevention for dogs). I recommend oral products if there are young children in your house. Please come in or call us at 408-264-3550 to discuss what would be best for you & your pet.

Note: If your pet has fleas and it comes indoors, you will need to treat for at least 3 months to eliminate fleas in your house.

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