COVID-19 Update

Holiday Season and your pets

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. I just wanted to remind you that there are some added dangers for your pets this year.

Poisonous plants – poinsettias, mistletoe, decorative berries, lilies.

Foods left out on tables & counters where your pets can get to them – chocolates, foods with artificial sweeteners, grapes, chunks of cheese or meat. These may be toxic to your pets or can cause serious stomach and pancreas problems.

Decorations – cats & dogs will eat tinsel, ribbon, string, rubber bands, ornaments, small ( & large) toys. These can all cause serious stomach or intestinal blockage that can require surgery.

Please remember to thoroughly pet-proof your house & remind your guests not to leave anything out where your pets can get to it.

While you and your pets are celebrating, please remember all the sad pets in shelters or with rescue groups. Adopting a pet from one of these organizations or donating to them is a really wonderful thing to do.

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