COVID-19 Update

  • Help with Veterinary Fees

    Veterinary care for dogs & cats has improved dramatically over the past years. New & less invasive diagnostic tests & procedures help us identify & treat diseases more quickly & easily. New medications help our pets live longer & happier lives. Many of the medications & tests are exactly the same as those used in people. Unfortunately, this means that as human medical costs have skyrocketed, so have veterinary costs.
    Here are a few things that I hope can help you with these costs:

    USE YOUR VETERINARIAN – We are here to help you & answer your questions. Stay current on exams & preventive care. We often identify problems before you are aware of them & can start treatment before they get too serious. Call us as soon as you notice something wrong. We can’t diagnose over the phone, but we can let you know if we feel you need to come in right away or if there are at-home treatments you can try.

    PET INSURANCE – The most common pet insurance companies that our clients like are Trupanion (1-855-828-1414, & VPI (1-866-VET-PETS, Both companies have different programs & definitely can help with costs.

    CareCredit ( – We offer & accept CareCredit. This is essentially a credit card for healthcare for both people & animals. You can apply online (at home or in our office). You pay CareCredit directly & the program we offer is 6 months interest-free. We have lots of clients who have been very happy using CareCredit.

    I hope these suggestions will help you out.