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Soft Tissue and Abdominal Surgery

Your Pet is in Great Care

Hearing that your pet needs surgery can be a scary thing, but it can actually help solve a lot of problems in your pet’s health. At Princeton Veterinary Clinic, we have the highest standards and use state-of-the-art equipment for all of our surgical procedures. Soft tissue and abdominal surgeries are surgeries that do not involve bones. We can perform both simple and complex surgeries. If, by some chance, your pet has a special case, we can refer you to one of the local veterinary specialists we know. You want the best for your pet, and so do we.

        We have thorough anesthetic monitoring which includes:

        • ECG
        • Blood pressure
        • Heart rate
        • Warming blankets
        • Blood oxygen level

        Many surgeries are minor, such as removing a non-harmful mass or lump. However, surgeries can be more serious in nature, which is why regular checkups are vital. It is always better to catch any health problems early on. To schedule an appointment, call us at 408-264-3550.

        Why Choose Us?

        • Open On Weekends
        • Cutting Edge Technology
        • All X-Rays Reviewed Every 2 Weeks By Veterinary Radiologist
        • Puppy & Kitten Packages
        • Over 30 Years of Experience
        • Compassionate Staff
        • Patient Boarding
        • Close Relationships with Local Veterinary Specialists
        • Echocardiogram And Ultrasounds Performed In Our Office By Local Veterinary Specialists
        • Full range of prescription diets