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Why has your cat suddenly stopped using the litter box

Why is your cat suddenly not using the litter box? This is a frequent complaint that I hear from my clients. Often, cats decide that they don’t want to urinate in the same box that they have bowel movements, even if you clean it frequently. This is often a sudden decision, even when they have been happy using just one litter box for years. (My own cat, Dexter, did this & he chose to urinate on my dogs’ beds. Personally, I think there were several messages here!). The simple & easy solution is to get another litter box. You can put it right next to the original one. If you have more than 1 cat, the rule is 1 litter box per cat + 1. I recommend adding just 1 litter box at a time.

If your cat is urinating small amounts frequently – whether in or out of the litter box – or if the urine is pink or red, this can be a sign of a urinary tract infection and you need to call us right away at 408-264-3550 . If you have a male cat that is straining to urinate and no urine or only a few drops come out, he could have a urinary obstruction. (This is really rare, but not impossible in female cats ) This is a LIFE-THREATENING & VERY PAINFUL SITUATION. You need to call us at 408-264-3550 & explain the situation, or if we are closed, go to the nearest Emergency Animal Clinic. United Animal Emergency Clinic has 2 offices close by on Dell Ave in Campbell & on Thornwood Drive (behind Oakridge Mall) in San Jose.

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