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It’s the season for hotspots

A hotspot is a red, moist, oozing sore on your dogs’s skin. It is often surrounded by matted fur and some fur may be missing. These occur when a dog is persistently licking, biting, chewing, or a scratching an area of skin. They can be caused by anything that causes your dog to itch. This includes flea bites, skin allergies, and, if the skin underneath the ears has a hotspot, ear infections. These are very painful and if left untreated for even a short time, they will become much larger & can get infested with maggots. If you think your dog has a hotspot, you should call us at 408-264-3550 right away. The treatment is for us to clip & thoroughly clean the hotspot – this is very painful so most dogs require some sedation. We will check the dog all over for other hotspots, since they are often multiple. Hotspots are often much larger than you think, so they can require a lot of clipping & cleaning. Your dog will probably receive some cortisone (either injection and/or tablets depending on the severity of the skin lesion. Also you will need an E-collar to keep the dog away from the hot spots. Cold compresses can also help with the pain.

Keeping your dog on monthly flea preventative and watching your dog for excessive licking or scratching can help prevent hotspots. However, dogs can get hotspots very quickly and it is not unusual for the dog to look fine in the morning and then have a huge hotspot in the afternoon.

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