COVID-19 Update


All of a sudden, we are seeing a lot of dogs & cats coming in with skin problems. Some of this is due to allergies but we are also seeing LOTS of FLEAS. If you are using a topical product (Frontline, Advantage, or Activyl) make sure that you continue to apply it EVERY month. Also, Advantage & Frontline have been around for awhile and some people are noticing that fleas may be becoming resistant to it. If that seems to apply to you, then you should switch to Activyl, which is a newer product, or Nexgard, which is a new chewable product that quickly kills fleas & ticks. If you are using Sentinel or Program – these products do not kill fleas but just prevent them from reproducing – then you may need to add in a topical or oral medication for a few months to get the fleas under control. As the weather gets more humid or if it rains, the fleas will really multiply, so now is the time to get them under control.

If you are having problems or have any questions, please call us at 408-264-3550 , so we can help you chose the most effective products for your pets.

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